The Miniature Dachshund

The miniature Dachshund is extremely intelligent, very alert with a great personality  all of its own. The Dachshund is reliable and loyal to its owner.

The smooth coat is very easy to keep clean and does not have a "doggie" odour, which makes  the dachshund  very acceptable as a house pet. 

They love company and enjoy having people around them. Going out for a walk is enjoyed but they must be on a lead, as they have no road sence.

They have a loud bark for such a small dog and this could help in keeping intruders out. 

Dachshunds almost without exception share a common pleasing disposition  -  They truly enjoy attention and love.

The Dachshnd has a smart yet gentle look about him - this is an accurate reflection of his temperament.

The Dachshund has the ability to adapt to almost any environment, whether you live in a small high - rise apatment or a house in the country. -- General resource of breeders, rescues, and clubs, including a selection of pictures of Dachshunds and informational links.