Figure 7: correct "Scissor" bite, with closely fitting top and bottom canine teeth. Any deviation from this is fault.

Figure 8: incorrect "overshot" jaw which is more commo than...

Figure 9: incorrect "undersot" jaw

Figure 10: shows a "pincer" bite where both upper and lower teeth meet exactly edge to edge. This too is incorrect

There should be 6 incisors in each jaw (Faults: missing incisors inot unusual - typically one missing,but occasionally two missing)

There should be 2 canines in each jaw - 1 on each side

There should be 8 pre-molars in each jaw - 4 oneach side Faults: missing pre-molars, again, is not unusual)

There should be 4 molars in the upper jaw -2 on each side - and 6 ine lower jaw - 3 on each side