Hello Mrs. Spooner, 
Just thought I would take a minute to e-mail you and let you know how much we have enjoyed our new addition.  We bought "hunny" from you on October 3rd 2009 on the way home from our honeymoon in Gatlinburg.  We thought since we got her on our honeymoon, the most appropriate name for her was "Hunny" and she is just as sweet as she can be.  She loves everyone and is the most playful little pup ever.  She stole my heart the day I got her and now I don't know what i would do without her.  I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have such a sweet little dog.  She is laying in my lap sleeping as I type this email.  She is such a smart dog too and has more personality than most people.  I've attached a few pics of her for you're enjoyment.  I hope to keep in touch with you over the years as she grows. Feel free to post any of my pics on your website if you wish and I have told a lot of people about you and your kennel. Everyone has been amazed by her coloration, including my veterinarian.  I have also had several people say that they have never seen such a friendly dachshund.  She never barks I've only heard her bark twice since I got her.  Hope you didn't mind me e-mailing you, I just thought you might like to know what has become of your puppies.
Your Friends, 
Jessica, Jon & Hunny Lamb

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January 25, 2010

I'm not sure if you'll remember us, but my husband and I bought a little black and tan puppy from you last year. He was the little guy that you were kind enough to take back to the vet and keep with you for over a week when he got sick. I even called you every day to check on him! Well, Spanky is still the perfect little pup! (I know he'll be two in Feb., but he's still my little boy.) I hope you got the Christmas card and picture of him we sent you last year. We've told everyone we know about you and have tried to get you lots of business--hope it worked. Could you do me a favor? If you ever bread Spanky's mom and dad again could you let us know? Like I said, he is PERFECT and we would love to have another. I really wish now that we would have taken you up on the choc/tan brother you wanted to give us! Just let us know if any come along. By the way, everyone still thinks Spanky is a puppy--he only weighs eight pounds! Thank you for all you do and for all the love you showed our puppy way back when! Thanks again, Heidi Elseroad
JULY 10, 2005
Hey I got the little female Chocolate and Tan dachshund from you in August 2009. I just wanted to give you some updates. She is now about 9 pounds and has been spayed, had all of her shots and is doing great she is a very spoiled little girl and I named her Dixie! I just wanted to Thank you so much again and here is some pics of her now.
January 30, 2010
Hi Ms. Phyllis,
It has been a while and thought I would send a little note and a new picture of my baby girl.  I love her dearly and wouldn’t trade anything for her.  I just can’t believe Rosie will be 4 years old this coming July.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I got her from you.  She is such a beautiful girl, very loving and friendly to anyone she meets.  She loves going to work with me and greeting all the people that come into my store.  She has claimed one of the chairs in front of the door so she can see the people coming in and out.  She a little charmer.  When people ask where I got her, I always tell them about you and give them the website.  
Thank you for the joy you brought to my life with my baby girl.
Erica Patrick
January 30, 2010
My name is Kyle Pauley and I bought a pup from you around 3 years ago. He is a puppy from Blizzard and Sapphire and I just thought I'd send you a picture of him. He's grown up a lot since he was a puppy. His name is Kaleb

Febuary 01, 2010
Hi Phyllis! 
How are you? Hope your doing well... just wanted to send you a pic of the puppy.. I named her Java (she reminds me of a little Java Bean!) 
You were right.. shes very loving and affectionate.. and extremely playful! She loves to sleep too! 
We are just in love with her. :)
I wanted to know what kind of spray you used on her? She still smells so good! 

Febuary 01, 2010
HI!  Phyllis,
I hope you're doing well.  I thought you might enjoy some pictures of our new baby, Callie.  She is adorable and has really added a great deal of joy to our lives.  After losing Bailey, we were devastated so she has really helped with the pain.  The last picture you'll notice Skip, the other dog that we purchased from you 5 years ago.  His mother was Diamond and his father was Magic.  He's a total sweetheart.  He is the most lovable dog you could ever imagine.  He really likes his new sister too.  I think the Piebalds have a really sweet disposition.  
We took Callie to the vet on Saturday and started her on heart wormer.  They said that we can just get one pill a month instead of buying the entire pack since her weight will go up.
I forgot to ask you, how much should we feed her?   We have got to get Skip on a diet.  Poor thing is 15.5 pounds; however, I have him on a diet now and he's only allowed 1 cup of food per day.  Does that sound about right?  I try to go by the weight chart on the dog food.  Also, what dog brands do you recommend?  Our vet thinks that Purina One is a really good product.
Anyway, I thought you would really enjoy seeing Callie in her new home.  I'll try to take some better pictures of Skip too so you can see his entire body.  The vet was really pleased that we got Callie from you since you're the best breeder around.  
Take care and thanks again for our new, little bundle of joy.  We sure love her.  Oh, by the way, she is extremely smart, just like Skip.  

March 8, 2010
Hey Phyllis:
Well, we have had little Bailey puppy for about a week now and he is soooo adorable.  Remember, we got the shy one?  Well, let me tell you he came out of his shell on Sunday.  We are having so much fun with him.  He is just precious.  I just wanted to send a few pictures and to thank you again for helping us fill the void left by Fritzie puppy.  Can you please let me know what you bathed Bailey in or did you use a spray-he still smells sooooo gooood!  We love it.
Thanks again,
Randy and Denise 

March 26, 2010
Dear Miss Phyllis, 
  My daughter and I drove up from Monticello in January of this year to get a six month old piebald dachsund from you.  We named her Isabelle.  She has stolen all of our hearts.  She sleeps between my husband and I every night. She loves socks! It is so cute to just watch her search the house over in search of a sock to drag around.  If  she  catches me sitting she is in my lap giving out love.  I cant tell you how much joy she has brought to all of us.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a wonderful little dog.  
        David & Sharmon Massey & Girls

April 12, 2010
This is our sweet baby Gravy-whom we have had for a year and a half. She is a great companion to our first daschund, Biscuit. These
two dogs are the light of our lives, we take them on vacations with us...and they even came on the 30 hour drive to Utah with us and enjoyed every bit of the snow! We are looking forward to our flight to Salt Lake next month, so these dogs are world travelers :-) 
Also, we will be adding our third and final addition to the Handley family in mid-July...and her name will be Grits (a white daschund). Now our doxie family is complete!

Cris, Brittany, Biscuit and Gravy Handley

June 9, 2010


 Just wanted to send you a photo of Clowe who turned “1” today.  We are all in love with her and are so blessed to have her in our family.


The Hancock’s

July 8, 2010
These are two pictures of Georgia Champion Abby with her large White ribbon for winning the Championship race and smaller colored ribbon for the heats championship.  Heather and Pistol should be proud of their daughter.
If we have any success at the Nationals in September we will send you updates.
Claude and Rachel Willis
July 30, 2010
Hi Miss Phyllis,  
Finally got a good a camera to take some pictures of these kids.   I cannot begin to tell you how much joy these doggie babies have brought into our lives.   We are loving them so much!   
They are a joy and it would be easy to have a dozen or more...  and one day we might!!   I've put here some cute pictures of the kids and hoping you enjoy seeing how they have grown and how wonderful they look today.   
There is just something magic about a Mini Dachsund that you can't even explain to anyone, you just have to experience it!!!   So I say to the world, if you haven't had a chance to have that experience, you need one of Miss Phyllis's puppies.. cause she grows the best one's around!   
Pictures here attached of both kids..  Lovey and Sammy.     I even have one here with Lovey "winking" at ya!  
Thanks again!!  Andy & Patty Smith
August  5, 2010
"winking" at ya! 
Hi Miss Phyllis,
So everybody is settling in great.   Lovey, and Sammy have really accepted Izzyboo perfectly and play with her all the time.   Ellie May, our big red baby has taken a few more days but is accepting her too little by little.   She doesn't chase her all over the place so much now..hehehe...  Izzyboo has just really done so good with the potty training, we've been amazed.  I think in the whole time we have had her she's only had one or two accidents, she is really getting the outside down and goes in and out of the dog door with the other dogs all the time.   She is just a joy and we are loving her so much already.   Of course, she's become bonded to me pretty much... as usual but since they spend most of their days with me.. I guess that's kinda expected.   
Anyway, wanted to share a few pics... they are just the sweetest!!    
Take care!   
Patty Smith
August  29, 2010
Mrs. Spooner
Here is the update we promised after the 2010 National Dachshund Races and it is great.  Abby won all her heat races and then won the Adult Mini Dachshund National Championship with a blazing run.  Heather and Pistol have a speedster for a daughter.  We had so much fun and everybody talked about what a good looking dog Abby is and how fast she is to be only one year old.  She beat doxies from all over the USA and beat every regional champion on her way to the national title.  The pictures attached show her receiving her championship ribbon and if you look in the judge's right hand you can catch a glimpse of the engraved crystal medallion given to National Champion (picture where judge is looking at me).
Abby has been such an amazing doxie for my wife and I and we tell everyone that we got her from you.

Claude & Rachel Willis
November  22, 2010
We got our puppy from you in 2005 - from the Beattie and M&M litter.  We thought we would let you know how much we have enjoyed our pup!  He is just precious and has been a wonderful addition to our family for 6 years!  Attached are a few pictures of him so you can see how beautiful "Maxamillion Dollar Martin" turned out.
Thanks again!
The Martin Family,
Marietta, GA
Hi Ms Phyllis,
Just wanted to let you know what a joy it is to have BayLee. She has definitely been just what we needed in our home, her excitement when we come home and playfulness is absolutely amazing! She has filled a major void in our hearts. She is already spoiled, and despite everything we have or had read about daschunds she potty trained in about a week, well she is about 90% trained. We just wanted to send you an update and some pictures, and thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!
Tonia & John Drysdale

January  13, 2011
September  8,  2011