Our litters are carefully planned with the primary goal of producing quality miniature Dachshund puppies, with great conformation and perfect temperament for Us. Unfortunately we cannot keep them ALL!!  Our puppies are whelped indoors, and carefully handled with great love from the day they are born to the day they go to their new home.      
       Our puppies are kept up-to-date on all shots and worming.   When the puppies are six weeks old, are given there second shot and third worming. We provide the AKC registration application and a written health guarantee/sales contract, which protects the buyer, the breeder, and most importantly the PUPPY
       We do not sell to pet stores, puppy brokers or puppy mills.  We want our puppies to have the best homes, with people who will LOVE them as part of the family.  
       All inquires are welcome.     Please   E-Mail  me for more information or Call  770-536-6072

     The puppy will be ready for its new home, when it is EIGHT WEEKS OLD (8wk's).


1.   Purchaser agrees to provide a healthy loving environment and under no circumstances will this dog or 
puppy be sold, leased or given away to a pet shop, research lab or similar facility. It is understood
that if this dog or puppy is found to be neglected or mistreated, purchaser will surrender said dog or
puppy to seller, unconditionally.
2.    This dog or puppy will be kept in a fenced yard and not be allowed to roam freely outside.
3.    Purchased as a pet, purchaser agrees to neuter or spay this puppy between the age of 6 months to 7
months, or within 30 days after purchase if this is an adult dog, and agrees and guarantees that this dog
       or puppy WILL NOT be used for stud or breeding.
4.    Seller agrees to provide registration papers for this dog or puppy when all terms and conditions are
met, with a fee of $25.00.   NO papers will be given, until after proof of alteration is received. 
          NO papers will be given after the puppy is 8 months old. 
5.    No cash refunds, a puppy of equal value will be offered when available. before the three day health 
    guarantee expires.
6.    Seller makes NO guarantees to the health of this dog or puppy except as stated:


1.    Dog or puppy can be returned within three days of purchase, if it has been examined by a Vet and its
health is not satisfactory, for a puppy of equal value when available..   
2.    If dog or puppy should die from a dog disease, within seven days of purchase it will be replaced.
with same quality.
3.    The Breeder guarantees this canine against hereditary life threatening genetic defects for a period of
one year of age. The dog will be replaced with same sex and quality, when available.

"To be eligible for the above guarantees, you must bring all paper work, Vet statements, etc., to
       me. The seller is NOT responsible for any medical expenses, or shipping expenses, for the above.
                 Purchase and sale of this dog or puppy shall fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of Hall
        County, GA. and matters shall be dealt with as per the laws governing this location. If litigation   
        finds in favor of Breeder/Seller, Buyer shall be responsible for Breeder's attorney's fees,
        expenses and all court costs."
"All Puppies are Registered AKC "
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